Butt Crack Laser

Butt Crack Laser

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Butt crack laser hair removal will almost* permanently remove the hair, with touch ups every 6-12 months after your initial 6-8 sessions that are spread 8 weeks apart. This area is also very quick to treat, usually being about 10-15 minute appointments & because the appointments are so spread out, it's such a low maintenance & almost no-effort way to get lasting results!

Laser Hair Removal Eligibility:

Pain Level:

Butt crack laser is a more sensitive area to treat compared to the rest of the body however the pain is still very minimal in our clinic due to our medical grade lasers that let out cool air with each zap! Its rated a 3/10 in pain as compared to waxing which is rated 6/10.

So if you've waxed this area before, you probably wont even feel it, or it may feel like a little scratch. With each treatment, the hairs will get thinner & lessen, which means any painful or uncomfortable feelings will lessen as well!


Purchase Options:

Butt Crack Laser Coverage:

Butt crack laser covers the whole butt crack & 3-5cm wide, making sure we get all the hairs along that crack ;) This is a great option for those wanting to rid those hairs before summer!